Influenza Vaccine Information

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (known as the CDC) recommends that nearly everyone over 6 months of age protect themselves against influenza by receiving a flu vaccine. UC Davis Health System expects to have influenza vaccine available by the first week in October. Please contact your primary care office to find out when vaccinations are being offered or you may consider waiting until an upcoming appointment that you may have already scheduled.

It takes about two weeks after your vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection against the flu.

The flu vaccine is produced by private manufacturers, and availability depends on when production is completed. The vaccines we carry do NOT contain preservatives and are latex free.

The vaccine is one important step in protecting you and your family from the flu. Remember that hand washing is equally important and the easiest way to avoid spreading the virus.

Visit CDC's website to learn good health habits for preventing seasonal flu, how to take care of yourself or someone else who is sick with the flu and how to prevent seasonal flu with vaccination .